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Tech Magazines I Read To Get My Ideas Pumping

So today after class I went to my local bookstore because I wanted to see and buy the latest issues of Inc. magazine and Fast Company.

Those are the two magazines I buy when I want to read about the latest tech stories that are happening in the U.S or around the world.

So why do I buy Inc magazine? I get it because the interviews that they get with people are just great. Like in one issue they have Gary Vaynerchuk and he shares some of his secrets or tips on ways you can use each social media site, like Twitter. I enjoy reading those type of stuff when I go to my local bookstore.

Fast Company I read this one because the stories that they get are about companies doing crazy shit. They also get interviews with amazing people but I like reading about the companies and what they are doing with their technology.

These are my type of light reads I like to enjoy, and bring out the ideas I sometimes need to start writing on the blog here. Ideas start pumping into the brain which I need when I have what they call writer block.

There are so much great tech magazines out there, you don’t have to read these two that I read but you should check them out. What are some of your magazines you are reading, and which ones do you think I should read.


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