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Why Are We Canadians Paying $100 More For The iPhone 6 and 6Plus

So last week the iPhone was launched around the world and lines of people waiting to get the new phone. Here in Ottawa, Canada there was a huge line at the Rideau Center for the new device from Apple. But wanted to write about why are we paying $100 or more for the iPhone while in the U.S. People there are paying $650 for the iPhone 6 while here it’s like $750 for us. Now I know you must be thinking it’s only $100 more, but don’t forget about taxes people.

We Canadians also don’t want to be paying more for something we can get for less across the border. Now I know we pay more because of government policies and other stuff. But companies like Apple should give us the same prices like they give to the Americans. Even when they confused Ottawa and Toronto when it was time to pre order the new iPhones.

But really why are we paying more for these devices we are addicted to. Well because companies know that we are addicted to them and can charge whatever they want for us, or they think we Canadians are rich in which we are not.


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