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Blackberry Releasing A New Phone Tomorrow?

Yup that’s right I am writing about Blackberry for the first time on the blog, you knew I was going to since it’s showing off something tomorrow.

So Blackberry has been on the media a lot today because it might be releasing the Blackberry Passport. Which has a square screen and not a rectangle screen that we are use to seeing or using. They have been sharing lot’s of information Blackberry about this phone because well first they want you to see it but they also want you to be hype about it.

Will this be the phone that can kill the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy line? NO off course not and Blackberry even knows it, the Passport will be or what Blackberry thinks who might use it are these. Doctors, People who email a lot, The ones who really like the keyboard, and the loyal Blackberry user. You can read more about the phone on their blog where they write more about the phone, and if it’s for you.

You will be able to watch the event live from your computer if you were not invited to the event. The event will take place at 9.00 am EST local time.

I am actually kinda excited to see the device and one day to try it out for myself. Is it the phone for me? Probably not or yes who knows but I Know I will not be buying this phone anytime soon since I just wasted money on the iPhone. But it will be cool to see what the device can do and see if this phone can help Blackberry comeback.

As a Canadian I want Blackberry to succeed and show the world it still has something to show.


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