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I Switched To An iPhone

So today two new phones came out from Apple the iPhone 6 and 6Plus. There is nothing new about the camera except the screen size which is 5.5 for the 6Plus and a better camera on both phones. Now I switched today from an android user to a iPhone user.

No I am not joking here is a screenshot of my home screen.

2014-09-19 17.02.01Now I bet your wondering, why the fuck did I switch from android to ios. Well their were many reasons why I choose too. First off the most obvious one is apps, android has lot’s off apps but the app store has the apps I want to have and use and I am tired of waiting for developers to make apps for android after. Second reason is openness, yes ios8 is still very heavily controlled by Apple but slowly they are letting developers go into their ecosystem and have some fun. Like now we can switch keyboards which has been on android for a very long time but finally is here for ios8, I would recommend you download SwiftKey for your keyboard. And my third reason was I wanted to give ios8 and Apple a shot instead of just being an android fanboy.



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