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Why I Choose A Square SmartWatch Instead Of A Circle One

Today Motorola told the tech community that you will be able to buy the Moto 360 today at 12.00pm EST. If you want it now, it’s too late because they sold out of it, and might take you a while before you can order it one. But that does not matter to me, even though the Moto 360 looks sexy and awesome I choose the Samsung Gear Live instead. Now let me explain why I made that choice.

Software Design

What I mean about software design is how android wear looks on the watch. When you see the Moto 360 running android wear, you will notice a black space in the bottom. Android wear can’t fill the circle watch probability making the black space in the bottom. Next I just don’t like how android wear looks on a circle watch, I rather look at android wear in a square watch which I do since I own one.


When coming to choosing an android wear smartwatch I had to check the price, price makes a big difference when choosing. Samsung Gear Live $200 while Moto $250 with cheap wristband. I know what your saying it’s only $50 dollars more than the one you have, but these are only 1st gen watches so when it comes to buying one I have to keep in mind I will probably be upgrading next year if more come out with bigger memory space.


So I come to the end of this blog post, in the end the Moto 360 is a great watch but I won’t be buying one anytime soon. I just like how android wear looks in my Samsung Gear Live.


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