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1 Week Until Apple Big Day, What To Expect

So today is Tuesday Sept 2,2014 and that means it’s the first day of school for many students like me. But for many techies out there it’s one week until the iphone 6 is shown. Now many loyal Apple fans have been waiting for this, and even me which I am not loyal to Apple is waiting to see the iphone 6.

So what to expect on 9/9/2014 which is Apple day for the new iphone. We can expect two new phones which will come in different sizes off course. One is said to be 4.7 inches while the other one is to be 5.5 inches, Apple is going big because it’s losing the market to big phones like Samsung Note line and Galaxy line as well. And there is one rumor that is going around, that Tim Cook will be releasing an iwatch or itime whatever is called to market. Which is supposed to cost around $400, and not be coming out until 2015.

So mark your calendars for that day because it’s going to be huge for everyone.


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