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Amazon On Buying Whole Foods

So today the biggest news in the tech world and commerce world. Amazon buying Whole Foods for a couple of billions of dollars.

I can’t stop thinking about this deal, and what it means for the food commerce business and world.

So Amazon paid $14B for Whole Foods. But why did Amazon buy the company? Well, Whole Foods has lots of brick stores around the US and just last year built a store in my city Ottawa, Canada in the Glebe area a very high-end location. But this gives Amazon prime locations for, Whole Foods has stores in very high-end locations, for the rich consumer now Amazon owns those prime locations. This gives AmazonFresh a hub for faster food delivery. People don’t want to leave their houses to buy food they want to order online it’s faster.

This deal is such a big deal for Amazon.


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Thoughts On Twitter Redesign

So Yesterday Twitter released a new redesign look for their product on iOS, Android, and the web. It caught me by surprise a bit because I was not excepting them to change some things.

The new redesign update makes using Twitter sleeker and it works. So the first thing you will notice is that you will now be able to slide from left to right to easily access your profile, settings, but much more easily switch from night mode to day mode. Another thing they changed is the icons below now the are much more simple than before which look really nice.

My thoughts on the redesign it is really nice and I like it. It is much easier to do simple stuff than before. Also, a nice touch is the live counter, when you like or reply to a tweet is neat. I think Twitter is getting ready for iOS 11 but’s nice to see Twitter giving some love to itself.

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iPad Pro 10.5″ Review

Macstories, Federico Viticci

It’s not difficult to reach a verdict on the new iPad Pro. If you‘ve used the 9.7” iPad Pro for work every day and want the absolute best in preparation for iOS 11 later this year, you should get the 10.5” iPad Pro. Everything about this iPad is nicer, faster, and a bit more spacious than before to justify the upgrade. If you demand the best from your iPad, this is the new best you can buy.